Pick Me! Pick Me! The Story of the Magic Pumpkin

Pick Me! Pick Me! The Story of the Magic Pumpkin is an enchanting tale that forever transforms the experience of pumpkin picking into a new family tradition. Using their Magic Pumpkin Charm, children find their Magic Pumpkin and bring it to life to share the wonder of its single most important day: Halloween!

Books sold through this website come with a pewter Magic Pumpkin Charm. Although children love the story, they especially love the Magic Pumpkin Charms because they really work… just ask any child that’s ever used one! They’ll swear they hear the pumpkins calling, “Pick me! Pick me!” Pumpkin picking will never be the same! 


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or buy an autographed copy here, which includes a pewter Magic Pumpkin Charm!

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“Pick Me! Pick Me! The Story of the Magic Pumpkin” includes a Magic Pumpkin Charm to help children find the pumpkin that’s meant for them. It’s 100% pewter, lead free, and made in the USA and it comes in an orange pouch. (Charms do not come with purchases on Amazon.)